Learning to Swim: Top 5 Favorite Tools

Learning to Swim: Top 5 Favorite Tools

Can’t you taste the sweet summery breeze? My eight year old already won a battle for wearing his shorts to school and proudly displaying his bare ankles even if the thermometer still not so eager to display its summer colors. Now our kids’ major question is when they can dive into the pool. Time to check on our favorite swimming tools basket. I spend so much time painstakingly finding the perfect tools that I hope to save some time to someone as anal… I mean detail oriented as me.

1. Goggles

Goggles are crucial: the eyes don’t itch, diving is more fun, you can see better underwater, water splashes is not bothering you.. did I say you? Yep, I never go in without a pair for myself. And every kid. Teaching little ones to swim is much easier once they put on a good pair of goggles.

It takes time to get used to it. We start by wearing it on a head, playing peekaboo with it. My toddler still refuses to wear it and now we plan to start learning to wear it at home. In a bathtub. During dinner. Little by little, we need to get used to it – chlorine in the water started really delaying our progress.

Our favorites for my five and eight year olds: Speedo Junior Hydrospex Classic. Doesn’t leak. Easy to put on and adjust. Unlike many of those flashy and colorful ones, these are simple, yet effective.

Goggles for my toddler: still searching. Advice is greatly appreciated.

2. A Toy to Chase

Oh, this our favorite for any age: from a toddler to a teen. We take turns throwing the toy away. Holding the little one by his armpits, we are chasing this toy, first gliding over water and eventually diving and swimming for it. We place it on the side of the pool and swim to it. We rescue our Whistling Hippos, we exchange different boats as we both dive underwater, we pass them through a hoop underwater, we take them for a ride on a floating board.

3. Flip-flap-flip-flap… flippers!

My eight year old loves feeling like a rocket speeding underwater. One pair of Finis Floating Fins Small, please. I can’t catch him whenever he puts them on.

My five year old loves the feeling of accomplishment he gets from crossing the whole pool with just a few waves of his feet. Speedo Rubber Swim Fins XXXSmall for him.

My toddler really gets going whenever we put his pair on. Finis Fishtail Baby Fins – until recently shared with his older brother, now all his. I just wish the didn’t fall off his tiny feet so often, but at least the straps are adjustable.

I love that flippers really help to get the feet motion right: no other way to do it. Extra fun results in extra skills.

4. Water Station Break

Everyone needs a break: big and little ones alike. We keep a variety of cups, watering cans, spray toys by the side of the pool to take a break… as my kids think. As they are busy pouring and squirting, we bring out tons of giggles by pouring water on our heads, so it really is another way to get comfortable having water in a face.

5. Kick That Ball!

Balls are great. We can throw, chase, dive for them, but the best… the very best… is to give it a good kick! I place a large ball in a corner of a pool and my boys really enjoy kicking their feet really hard, to keep the ball hopping. Excellent practice! Tons of fun! Inflatable World Globe Ball has an excellent size for this activity.

With all the right tools we just need the right weather to get splashing! Bubble, bubble, flop!

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