Top 5 Komodo Dragon Facts

Top 5 Komodo Dragon Facts

Komodo Island is popular tourist destination that is located in tropical country of Indonesia. In this island, you will be able to see the unique large lizard called komodo in their natural habitats. Seeing this awesome creature while enjoying the beauty of Komodo Island would be a great escape from a stressful city life.

In this article, will provide a brief explanation of facts about Komodo dragons that you might be interested in knowing before visiting the island. The facts are listed below:

  1. Komodos shows playful behavior: this is considered as one of komodo dragon interesting facts. One of the komodo named Kraken that live in National Zoological Park in Washington DC can actually be trained to recognized whistle and even her personal caretakers. The park officials realized this when Kraken constantly removing things from officials’ pockets or tugging their shoelaces. Curious with the behavior, researchers gave a lot of things to Kraken, from beverage cans to Frisbee. It turned out the lizard had an interest in all of the things, which lead to the conclusion that she might actually be playful. Other than that, Kraken also exhibits a behavior which she could recognize her nonprey and prey. If further research is conducted, the image of dangerous reptile that was once on our mind may actually change
  2. Komodos are also known as Ora: these giant reptiles were not discovered by western scientist until 1912. However, before the “komodo” named was established, local people had always called them “ora”, which literally translated as land crocodile.
  3. Smaller komodos coat themselves in Feces to prevent them from being cannibalized: adult komodos are not picky eaters and eating their own kid is not something uncommon. Before getting large enough to defend themselves, young Komodos stay away from adults by climbing to the trees to avoid being eaten. However, sometimes it is not enough. If they have close encounters, young komodos roll themselves into feces to make them look unappetizing for the adults.
  4. Komodos are unexpectedly great swimmers: when you travel to Komodo Island, you will see the lizard in their natural habitats. In this natural habitats you may see some behavior that you will not find in zoo. Sometimes, the food in one island is not enough for all komodos, thus, some komodo travel between islands to find more food. You can spot them wandering near the shores sometimes.
  5. Female Komodos are able to reproduce without getting sex: female komodos are able to produce eggs healthily despite no male komodos around. It is due to the process called parthenogenesis, which means, in the absence of sperm, particular egg cells are able to fertilize other egg cells and produce new generation of komodo.

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Those are some of the facts about komodo dragon. You can see this exotic lizard at Komodo Island that is located in Flores Province, Indonesia. You need to be cautious when you are around this animal, but there will always be a guide that will assist you during your tour in Komodo Island, so you do not have to worry so much about it.

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