The Hairstyle, Your Image is at Stake and The Reflection of a Lifestyle

The Hairstyle, Your Image is at Stake and The Reflection of a Lifestyle

Increasingly, the hair of women reflects their lifestyles, caused by several events, hair styling takes its best, especially with the appearance of several magazines. Therefore, the modern hair comes in many forms that change with the fashion trends, it goes to voice a character and personality. Women today fall into three distinct categories regarding their hair and their approach towards the hairstyle.

Women who keep the hairstyle of the 80s, which often results in a small delay to follow the evolution of time and therefore give little impression.

Women who keep the same cut and the same hairstyle for long, they do not change with the seasons leading by example or by their states: work, marriage, pregnancy and should probably be more creative with new ideas in order to position themselves in a society where appearance plays a lot in overall judgment of the person! Finally, there’s women there who exaggerate their appearance a bit, especially at their hair, they spend much more time in hair salons, and in front of their mirrors at home. But this is only done to give a good impression in front of others.

It is therefore important to mix these three criteria at once, you have to ask the hairstyle suitable for a specific situation. Opt for a simple hairstyle once at work, another hair a bit more elegant if a happy event occurs: romantic dinner, ceremonies. In this modern time, a woman must be extremely flexible with any situation, all this must be done with intelligence, class and simplicity to give an impression of a natural look and very pleasant to see. Social studies show every time that the first impression that is thrown over a person sets in our head, and she involuntarily, based on our judgment, this is normal and quite human. However, the headgear may play a role in this concept.

Think about the image you want to convey in your meetings, we also need to know your personality and the kind of hairstyle that suits you best. Also consider the shape of your face, if you are not able to determine it, ask your hairdresser, he will guide and direct you to a style that you will value. Prefer the simplicity of the cut and styling, trust your hair in its most natural state and know the change when appropriate. If you are a woman go for romantic long hair, a sign of femininity and delicacy, if you’re active and industrious, short hair will suit you if you are classically styled, adopt for hair accessories and buns. One last point, a woman must consider her age in the first place, according to this criterion, the headgear may evolve to give your character and lifestyle.

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