Mothers Day Craft: Easy-Peasy Flowers

Mothers Day Craft: Easy-Peasy Flowers

Springtime is perfect not only for the flowers blooming on the windowsill and in the yard; it is an awesome time for some flowers blossoming in our Mothers’ Day cards. Being a Mom, I don’t get to enjoy getting a card like that; but I surely enjoy a lot helping them making one for grandma, for my nieces dance recital, for a favorite teacher. Flower mass production is full growing season in our house.

All the projects we undertake have one requirement in common: it has to be easy enough for little one to make themselves. Projects that involve not only mom’s creativity and guidance, but her workmanship too, are no longer kids’ crafts. So we needed to invent a flower which creation has room from a preschooler to an eight year old. We did.


  • Gift wrapping paper (ideally, the one without those measuring squares on the underside – they’ll be visible in a finished flower) or let your kids color a regular white sheet any color they’d like their flower to be with any kind of designs they’d like to show up on their finished work.
  • Scissors
  • Green colored paper
  • Bright hued duct tape

That’s it! I bet your kids have most of those already. You just add your favorite gift wrapping paper to the list.


Cut a piece of duct tape. We measured about 3-4 inches.

Roll a sheet of green color stock paper. This will be a stem for your flower.

Cut out a square from a gift wrapping paper, about 8x8inches; 6×6; depending how big you’d like the flowers to be.

Fold the gift wrapping paper squares in half into a rectangle.

Let your little ones cut the edges of your gift wrap squares from the opposite sides. Mine like cutting. They can cut all day long. Make sure they don’t cut the middle, so that your gift wrap sheet doesn’t break in half!

Roll and scrounge the cut gift wrapping paper rectangle into a flower!

Roll some duct tape that you precut earlier around the flower you just made, but don’t use all of it.

Add a stem and roll the remaining duct tape around both the step and the flower to secure them both together.

That’s it! The flower is ready! Make as many as you wish, any color combination you like and present them as a bouquet, as a part of a greeting card or even as a wrapped gift topper instead of a bow!

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