Blow Drying Wavy to Be On Top

Blow Drying Wavy to Be On Top

What is blow drying wavy?

The brushing is a wavy hairstyle that accentuates femininity. Conferring a certain glamor to the woman who adopts it is to straighten the hair and the shape of the corrugations for more or less marked. The hairline remains stiff while the stems are wavy. Although this hairstyle trend is more value on long hair, it is also practiced on medium length hair. It occurs at home or in a professional hairdresser.

Blow drying wavy: the necessary utensils

To pass a wavy brushing, a dryer with a heat spreader is required. For the undulations, two different hair utensils can be used: the curling iron and crab claws. For those who opt for crab claws, choose a dozen large claws. For sheathing and fixing the hair notched effect, a texturizing spray is required. For the final touch, a shine spray or gloss is also useful.

How to succeed in brushing wavy?

Once the hair is washed, removing excess moisture with a towel and then spray the spray texturizer. For those using the curling iron, wrap the strands one by one, on the iron. For those employing the clamps crabs, meet the strands on the upper part of the winding head within each clip. When all the clips have been properly secured, dry hair with the dryer heat diffuser for 10 to 15 minutes. Cool hair for them to properly take the corrugated. Place one by one, the strands in the crimp pliers crabs. Spray with a shine spray or gloss.

Blow drying wavy red carpet

In recent months the majority of TV stars have adopted blow drying wavy. The famous American movie stars like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, Blake Lively and Eva Mendes did not hesitate to wear this hairstyle Diva. Some of them have adopted blow drying wavy with a casual outfit while others have chosen for special occasions such as awards ceremonies or festivals. To intensify the effect of this retro hairstyle trend, the stars have associated side-hair, her hair in a manner placing the hair forward over one shoulder.

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